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Kanagawa complete kits, chambers and batteries on sale

To our customers,

Welcome to Permattoo Supply, Ltd. It is our mission to offer our customers affordable permanent makeup equipment and supplies that provide fantastic results. After in-depth research and testing, we have found three very special permanent make up units / PMU. Each has distinctive features that impressed us. All three machines were user friendly for all skill levels from student to professional. What really make an impact on us was that each machine provided amazing results.

Let us introduce you to your three new friends…

Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Equipment and Supplies

We are proud to introduce the Kanagawa permanent makeup unit to our customers in America. It is already one of the most popular PMUs in Asia and Europe. We have used the Kanagawa many times and have never been disappointed.

  • The Kanagawa PMU runs like a clock.
  • Excellent for eyeliner, eyebrows and lips. Eyeliner and eyebrow procedures can be completed in just one appointment, and a full lips procedure requires only two appointments.
  • The Kanagawa permanent makeup unit has a built in digital control system.
  • This PMU is gentle on the skin so your customer's will love it too. You will find that the Kanagawa causes very little swelling.
  • This is one of the quieter PMUs, it makes only a soft humming sound.
  • The Kanagawa PMU design is Japanese engineering at its best, reliable, dependable and easy to use.
  • The optional external lithium ion battery allows you to unplug and operate the Kanagawa in cordless mode.
  • It is also a great tool for beginners.
  • You can't go wrong with the Kanagawa permanent makeup unit.

Silver Supra
Silver Supra Permanent Makeup Tattoo Equipment and Supplies

The Silver Supra is another great permanent makeup machine. This intuitive PMU is quick to learn and easy to operate. In the permanent makeup industry the Silver Supra is know as the "Lip Machine" or the "Eyebrow Machine".

  • The Silver Supra can give awsome eyebrow results. You will understand why the Silver Supra is called the "Eyebrow Machine".
  • It is great for the hair stroke technique, eyeliner and lips too. The Silver Supra PMU does it all.
  • The needle is screwed into the Silver Supra machine body for better stability.
  • Silver Supra has improved their PMU design by combining the hand casing and needle tip into a single unit.
  • Once you master the Silver Supra PMU, you will love it.

Starlet Permanent Makeup Tattoo Equipment and Supplies

The Starlet is a great PMU for students and novices, and professionals will enjoy the reliable performance at an affordable price.

  • Reliable performance at an affordable price
  • Disposable casing and needle tip provides hygienic operation
  • Uses Compound Needle System: unique needles are threaded on one end to fasten directly to the hand piece giving you a stabilized needle while working.
  • The AC Adapter includes a relay for variable speed control
  • Universal needle tips allow reduced costs since you will not need to keep several tip sizes in stock
  • Great tool for students, novices, and professionals

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